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Edward Shils

Edward Albert Shils (1 July 1910 – 23 January 1995) was a Distinguished Service Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and in Sociology at the University of Chicago and an influential sociologist. He was known for his research on the role of intellectuals and their relations to power and public policy. His work was honored in 1983 when he was awarded the Balzan Prize. In 1979, he was selected by the National Council on the Humanities to give the Jefferson Lecture, the highest award given by the U.S. federal government for distinguished intellectual achievement in the humanities. Provided by Wikipedia
In: Slovo [samizdat]. -- Č. 6, r. 1980, listopad, s. 19-20
Annotation: Úryvky z eseje, kde se autor snaží klasifikovat kulturu na náročnou, střední a brutální; publikováno v rámci bloku nazvaného "Dialog o masové...