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Toybox is a free and open-source software implementation of over 200 Unix command line utilities such as ''ls'', ''cp'', and ''mv''. The Toybox project was started in 2006, and became a 0BSD licensed BusyBox alternative. Toybox is used for most of Android's command line tools in all currently supported Android versions, and is also used to build Android on Linux and macOS. All of the tools are tested on Linux, and many of them also work on BSD and macOS. Provided by Wikipedia
In: Lógr. -- ISSN 1804-6835. -- Roč. 3, 2013, č. 10, 1. 12., s. 5-13
Annotation: Rozhovor s komiksovou kreslířkou o její tvorbě (mj. o příspěvku v níže zmíněné publikaci); s obr. doprovodem.
In: Týdeník Rozhlas. -- ISSN 1213-2098. -- Roč. 29, 2019, č. 43, 14. 10., s. 20
Annotation: Rozhovor s komiksovou kreslířkou Toybox o komiksech a komiksové tvorbě.