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Pavel Fischer

Pavel Fischer Pavel Fischer (born 26 August 1965) is a Czech politician and diplomat who has been Senator from Prague 12 since 2018. Fischer previously served as Czech Ambassador to France from 2003 to 2010. He was a candidate in the 2018 Czech presidential election and finished in third place with 10.23% of the vote. He was subsequently elected to the Czech Senate in the 2018 Senate elections. Following his election to the Senate he announced his intention to run in the next Czech presidential election. Provided by Wikipedia
In: Hospodářské noviny. -- ISSN 0862-9587. -- Roč. 62, 2018, č. 29, 9.-11. 2., příl. Ego!, roč. 4, č. 6, s. 11
Ego!. -- 9. 2. 2018
Annotation: Rozhovor se věnuje čtenářství P. Fischera.